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Project Management
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Project Management combines Pre-Construction and Construction Stage and unites 4 mayor tasks: Design- and Quality Management, Cost Management, Time Management and Construction Management.

Design- and Quality Management, Cost Management (provides Cost Estimation at the beginning of the project and Cost Control during construction), Time Management (provides Time Schedule at the beginning of the project and Time Control during construction) and Construction Management (includes Construction Quality Control on site).

It is meant to be a successful tool to define goals for the project, develop the design according to the client’s needs, and eliminate risks concerning cost and time. Project Management furthermore includes Project Organization, Contract Management and Tender Management. The client can choose between Turn-Key (H&P organizes the whole project from 0 to handover) or Single-Key (the client selects a number of services he requires). At all times H&P provides high skilled Consulting Services concerning all related question based on a sustainable approach. Selected services within our Project Management portfolio:

  1. Design / quality management
  2. Cost management & control
  3. Time management & control
  4. Construction / quality management & control (russ. Tech-nazor)


  • Project organization
  • Contract management
  • Tender management
2017-2019 Voronezh
Pharmaceutical Production
2015 Nizhny Novgorod
A Raymond, Automotive Supply Production
2016 Nizhny Novgorod
Heineken, Warehouse
2016 Engels
Henkel Warehouse
2016 Perm
Henkel, Chemical Industry
2015 Saratov
Bosch, EVRA Radiator Production
2014 Saratov
Bosch, Boiler Production
2015 Samara
Bosch, ABS-EPS-Systems
2012 Moscow
Outlet Village Belaya Dacha
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