Procurement Services

More than full control on procurement process! 
We are specialist in finding the right supplier on the right time (as per the project schedule) and working closely with them for making a project a success. 
Our procurement specialists have the right experience and knowledge to support clients in the complete supply chain of all kind of industrial projects. We are acting fully transparently, according to our compliance rules, and taking into account the interests of our client. We make sure that we meet - and exceed - your needs.
We work according to the highest industrial standards and we have full control on every aspect of the procurement process within your project. We cooperate (in your project) where safety, costs, logistics and quality are our main focus areas. Due to long time experience and a solid vendor data base, the specific knowledge of the markets we find the optimal solution for the correct price.
Besides project procurement, our specialists can also support and consult in other specific activities:
► Non project/product related purchasing;
► Sustainable solutions (BREAM, LEED, DGNB Certifications);
► Outsourcing or Human Resources, Catering Services, Transport;
► Tender design and packages;
► Equipment Design and Purchasing;
► Contract management. 
Procurement Services